It’s always…

a journey back to yourself. without a walk through the woods, a bit lost in the shadows, how could any of us appreciate the warm light when it hits our face. but don’t put it on a mantle. don’t stare into the sun. everything in moderation. taste the mountain dew. and i’m not referring to the beverage that masquerades as it. swim in the river naked, then google if that’s a crime. either way, do the time. guilt has no place in my journey.

a movie helped me with that…


He was on a guilt trip.

I saw that movie, in it’s mystery and madness- a word I’m not particularly found of. Hmmm…more work to do there. Fears like scars that need to heal.

Let go. Reveal. Reveal. So sensitive young one.

He was on a guilt trip.

I have been on a guilt trip.

The alcoholic in the bar explaining to me about other alcoholics I was worried about.

Reminding me that everyone was on their own trip.


Three things come together. That bar. That guy. That movie. Then….POOF.




How do you do that?

Let go! But that does not mean, fade back on into the background. I’m talking about living your life in the foreground, but focusing your lenses on the things that really matter.

I’ve been changing my trip.

I’m on a good trip now.

Thanks everyone.

It’s always…