Elizabeth Warren VS. Donald Trump

Last week, the media ran a story about poll numbers showing that Donald Trump would beat Elizabeth Warren in a hypothetical 20/20 Presidential Match Up.

Now, if we’ve learned anything about polls after the 2016 election, it’s not to trust them. But how many of us just read something like that and accept it?

Now, look I’m pro-media. Sure, I’m still a little miffed that the New York Times failed to put this image on the front page of their paper when Bernie Sanders brought out 21,000 people in Sacramento (of all places), or that many news outlets went right along with the invasion of IRAQ. But generally, the news is pretty alright.

So, why would the media want to downplay the idea that Warren could win?

Because Wall Street doesn’t want Elizabeth Warren to win.

Then again, maybe the polls are right, and in four more years, this country will still be as sexist as it has been the last 200 years.

Sounds about right.


Elizabeth Warren VS. Donald Trump

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