I had to stop listening to Sigur Ros for a few years because a close friend, who was a mentor passed away around the time I was watching them perform at Edgefield.

Today, a few years down the road, and through the journey that life takes us on from grief and tears, and back to sun and cheers, I can listen to it again, with a smile on my face.


The Lady and the Blog

Been wanting to watch THE LADY IN THE VAN. Put it on, didn’t fully interest me. It was about a writer. I fell asleep. Took a nap. Woke up feeling good. Found myself writing. Aha, that’s why I was supposed to watch that.


“You don’t put yourself into what you write, you find yourself there.” 

Films about dying, are also films about living.

From a user review of the movie: “Most people value their life based on their job or status in life, others do it based on their family and / or friends. In the mix of all of this are the few that base their own value on what they bring to life instead of what life brings to them.”


The Lady and the Blog

The little things. 10.30.15

Here’s a thought that has come to be before and came back to me this morning (with exceptions), everyday is a new opportunity to get right, what you got wrong yesterday.

I mean this in little ways.

In fact, I think that’s why the film Groundhog’s Day resonates so much.

You know, that’s probably not the right image for the point I’m trying to make.

But you all get it.

You wake up:


Try and get through the day:


And sometimes it can be far to easier to think negative thoughts:


I encourage you to try and bring your thoughts back to focusing on the glass being half full.

Appreciating what you have, rather then focusing on what you don’t have or what your ego wants.

You can’t force positive thoughts. But we’re only here for a short time. Try and be happy.


Ick. I’m preaching again. What do I know?

At least in my journey, I am noticing certain lessons I am currently being taught in the school of life.

There’s a notion that resonates personally for me lessons will repeated until learned.

Yesterday, I was pushing myself too hard on too little sleep. I was incredibly productive, and my ego was pleased with that, but I was not mindful and I would not say it was enjoyable.

And yesterday, today I awoke earlier today then I intended to. And here’s the thing. I can now live the exact same kind of day, with the same kind of results – or I can choose to take a different path. This takes a bit of training as we are creatures of habit.

(In fact, if we’re not getting 7-8 hours of sleep, we’re probably running on automatic and it can be more difficult to make healthy choices, not be overwhelmed, not get irritated, think positive etc.).

I think people will be surprised to learn how much of our behavior is on autopilot (I know I was). I’ve learned, if you used to smoke cigarettes, there is a pathway for that behavior your in your brain. When you stop smoking say for your health, you create a new alternative pathway. But the original pathway that lead you to smoking that cigarette is still there underneath and when stressed, we can so easily slip into old habits. Smoke that cigarette we don’t want to smoke, or drink that beer we promised we’d give up.

I learned this partially from cognitive behavior therapy which had an emphasis on mindfulness but also via this New York Times Best Seller, The Power of Habit.


So. Armed with this knowledge, I might consider choosing a different path for today. Once that is more restful and mindful. I can still be productive. I just might need to schedule an hour nap. How am I doing with that? Considering I booted up my computer, checked email and began writing this at 6:38am without breakfast is proof that I am sort of…going with what I usually do.

But there is no reason to feel shame. Just be yourself. Is this fun? It is actually. Starting this blog and doing this writing is a lot of fun. So I’m going to finish this post. Then have breakfast.

*NOTE: I ended up having breakfast, seeing my therapist, and the day is on track and again and positive despite not getting all the sleep that would be ideal last night.

**This is all my opinion, everyone is learning their own lessons – mine have a lot to do with patience, and learning to take care of myself rather then constantly pushing myself to exhaustion, moving beyond guilt and shame, letting the love shine instead of fear overtake, and not having stress be my automatic. It takes hard work, and inner work. And I make steps forwards and backwards. But I’m on the path, and it’s ultimately a fun journey. My hope is that some of the sentences on this blog resonate with you, but again – this is just what I’ve been experiencing, and it can be completely different for others, who may be experiencing different lessons at different times. Though I do think Americans, are over-worked, over-stressed, running on automatic a lot, not mindful, and focused too much on external results to internal problems, thanks to advertising and society.

The little things. 10.30.15


This is the story of someone who spent a decade inside a top tier ad agency, working on some of the biggest brands in the country in a windowless office – who was stressed out, disenchanted, and decided to quit.

Expecting to ride off into the sunset (most likely to this tune), and leaving with no plan or next step beside following his bliss and experiencing freedom- this optimistic fella was surprised, when things went dark.

This is the story of how the light came back in.

It’s also a story of making mistakes.

Of yelling at restaurant managers.

And avoiding dog bites.

And it’s the journey of an ambitious and impatient person once described as a “full blown individualist” learning about the ego, and beginning to move his perspective from me to we.

All while trying to escape advertising. (Which isn’t actually possible.)

It turns out some of the things we try to escape, are simply things we must accept.

So yes, follow your bliss. But expect turbulence. And when it gets rough. Keep going.

Hope you enjoy the blog.

Is it just me, or does that cactus look like it's giving advertising a middle finger?

(Is it just me, or does that cactus look like it’s flipping the bird?)

ps. The irony is not lost on me, that below some of these posts readers might see an ad. I’m using the free WordPress template. And well…nothing’s free. More on that later.