This is worth a watch!

Sure, it’s cheaper to blow the top off a mountain, and dump it in the valley…the only problem is, then it rains. Do we want to drink our own destruction?

Love this man.




I stopped buying popsicles. My favorite popsicles are made by Dreyers. But it’s been over 5 months, and I haven’t bought any. The reasons are pretty simple

  1. The popsicles in my neighborhood are over-priced.
  2. It’s winter.
  3. Dreyers is owned by Nestle, and Nestle is known to go into communities and affectively steal their water, all while promising jobs to the locals which never really materialize.
  4. Fear of diabetes, or at least my goal to prevent it. (Really, just a fear of needles and not wanting to have to give myself a shot everyday).
  5. We don’t have much room in our freezer right now.

It’s always…

a journey back to yourself. without a walk through the woods, a bit lost in the shadows, how could any of us appreciate the warm light when it hits our face. but don’t put it on a mantle. don’t stare into the sun. everything in moderation. taste the mountain dew. and i’m not referring to the beverage that masquerades as it. swim in the river naked, then google if that’s a crime. either way, do the time. guilt has no place in my journey.

a movie helped me with that…


He was on a guilt trip.

I saw that movie, in it’s mystery and madness- a word I’m not particularly found of. Hmmm…more work to do there. Fears like scars that need to heal.

Let go. Reveal. Reveal. So sensitive young one.

He was on a guilt trip.

I have been on a guilt trip.

The alcoholic in the bar explaining to me about other alcoholics I was worried about.

Reminding me that everyone was on their own trip.


Three things come together. That bar. That guy. That movie. Then….POOF.




How do you do that?

Let go! But that does not mean, fade back on into the background. I’m talking about living your life in the foreground, but focusing your lenses on the things that really matter.

I’ve been changing my trip.

I’m on a good trip now.

Thanks everyone.

It’s always…


I had to stop listening to Sigur Ros for a few years because a close friend, who was a mentor passed away around the time I was watching them perform at Edgefield.

Today, a few years down the road, and through the journey that life takes us on from grief and tears, and back to sun and cheers, I can listen to it again, with a smile on my face.



The Lady and the Blog

Been wanting to watch THE LADY IN THE VAN. Put it on, didn’t fully interest me. It was about a writer. I fell asleep. Took a nap. Woke up feeling good. Found myself writing. Aha, that’s why I was supposed to watch that.


“You don’t put yourself into what you write, you find yourself there.” 

Films about dying, are also films about living.

From a user review of the movie: “Most people value their life based on their job or status in life, others do it based on their family and / or friends. In the mix of all of this are the few that base their own value on what they bring to life instead of what life brings to them.”


The Lady and the Blog