The Creative Cloud Has An Outrageous Cancelation Fee

Two months ago, I signed up for the Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically, one piece of its software. For about $20, I could try it out, and $20 a month for software seemed affordable. I thought that’s cool. I had a good experience. But money’s a little tight right now, so I needed to cancel. Today, when I went to cancel the cloud, I was informed I’d need to pay $107 ! Apparently, I was locked into a year long contract, and resolving this has lead to me spending 30 minutes chatting with an overseas customer service rep in an attempt to get this fee waived.

This feels as difficult as getting out of Sprint (even though I was already out of contract). Sprint is like the Hotel California, you can check out anytime you like, but you just can’t ever leave. In fact, you can’t even cancel at their store, you have to call in.

Adobe seems to be using a similar tactic. Cut to me having to “internet chat.”

I wish companies would just make great products and let people come and go as they please.

But unfortunately, they treat their customers, a lot like they treat the earth. We get fracked and f**ked. And I don’t want to have this kind of negative, piss poor attitude.

You suck Adobe. You suck.


UPDATE: I went back to their website and it looks like it’s quite easy to make the same mistake I did, and sign up for AN ANNUAL account ($19.99) instead of a MONTHLY account ($29.99). So be cautious. 

The Creative Cloud Has An Outrageous Cancelation Fee