This is the story of someone who spent a decade inside a top tier ad agency, working on some of the biggest brands in the country in a windowless office – who was stressed out, disenchanted, and decided to quit.

Expecting to ride off into the sunset (most likely to this tune), and leaving with no plan or next step beside following his bliss and experiencing freedom- this optimistic fella was surprised, when things went dark.

This is the story of how the light came back in.

It’s also a story of making mistakes.

Of yelling at restaurant managers.

And avoiding dog bites.

And it’s the journey of an ambitious and impatient person once described as a “full blown individualist” learning about the ego, and beginning to move his perspective from me to we.

All while trying to escape advertising. (Which isn’t actually possible.)

It turns out some of the things we try to escape, are simply things we must accept.

So yes, follow your bliss. But expect turbulence. And when it gets rough. Keep going.

Hope you enjoy the blog.

Is it just me, or does that cactus look like it's giving advertising a middle finger?

(Is it just me, or does that cactus look like it’s flipping the bird?)

ps. The irony is not lost on me, that below some of these posts readers might see an ad. I’m using the free WordPress template. And well…nothing’s free. More on that later.