You’re not changing the world with a fucking re-tweet.

At the end of 2016 I quit Twitter.

I had my partner change my password, because changing habits sometimes calls for drastic measures.

I didn’t log onto Twitter for four or five weeks after being on it for a few minutes or more, each day over the last year and a half. The election. Advertisements. Noise. Outrage. RTs. This horrible thing happened. This horrible thing is happening. HEY! BUY THIS SHINY THING! Look at this beautiful thing. OMG. RT. This is sooo funny.

I really didn’t want to keep having my cortisol raised every time something terrible happened in the world, and it showed up in the Top Ten Trending Subjects of the moment (or whatever the f–k they call it).

Today, I logged back on. And it was amazing. So good to spend some time away from it. Before when I used it on a daily basis, I could tell that there were too many ads. That it wasn’t providing me with much value. That the political overload was just helping to make my life more miserable, when you can have a beautiful day outside, under tall trees, walking with your dog, a better day at work, or doing just about anything. And you don’t have to feel guilty for tuning out. You’re not changing the world with a fucking re-tweet. Looking through the feed today, after being away from Twitter for weeks, I realized something. This is all just junk mail. This is all, just noise.

I’m starting to feel the same with Instagram. Since selling to Facebook, it’s become worse and worse. It’s inevitable. Are we all just going to hide out and waste our lives scrolling through feeds of our friend’s rants about weather or politics or other things that aren’t in or control? Are we going to continue to electively choose to watch Digiornia Pizza ads that show up between pictures of kid’s birthdays and tropical vacation bragging?

Or do we want to use the time we have on this planet in a different way?




You’re not changing the world with a fucking re-tweet.