Taking the leap

This is not a story that we’ll be told in order.

Part of that, is because…we’ll I’m busy living it.

And, it’s actually been awhile since I’ve left advertising. This is just the first time I’ve decided to speak somewhat publicly about it (most of my writing has been going into journals and emails to friends…my poor friends).

Now you might ask, why the hell do I care about you quitting your job in advertising and the adventures and epiphanies and grief and magic that followed?

Well, because this isn’t really about advertising. This is about any of us who struggle in our jobs, and wonder if there is something better out there for us. Something that we’re not doing, that we’re supposed to be doing or want to be doing. And it’s about courage and bravery. Taking the leap. It often pays off big.

Some amazing things have happened since I left, that possibly wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Big things.

And rough things. Insomnia. Anxiety.

But look, I want to take a moment to address how privileged this all is.

Working in advertising wasn’t all that bad. Especially working for one of the top firms. I had a lot of fun there. There was plentiful beer. Tons of snacks. A basketball court. Yoga. Not to mention wildly talented people with warm hearts. Excellent health benefits. 401k. Etc.

The windowless office didn’t start getting to me until the end.

That and not truly doing what I wanted to be doing here on Planet Earth.

As usual, it wasn’t about them (the company, rather): it was about me.

But I look forward to sharing posts of my journey, as I started to realize it was more about, well,



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